Kardi & Pirlta Rooms (2 - 5 years)

  Kardi & Pirlta Room

   Current Required Ratio 2-3 years 1:5 SDCCC Budgeted Ratio 1:5

   Current Required Ratio 3-5 years 1:10 SDCCC Budgeted Ratio 1:7

This age and stage of development 'Toddlerhood' and 'Preschooler' is a unique time of early childhood.  It is a time of autonomy and exploration.  Some of the major accomplishments of this stage of development is the child’s growing language ability, independence and self help skills such as dressing, feeding, washing and toileting.  All of these skills involve a great deal of repetition and practice to master. It is a time for developing skills in social, dramatic and imaginative play settings. As children move from toddlerhood to preschooler they exhibit Prosocial behaviours. Prosocial behaviours are behaviours that help children get on with other children and be a good member of a group. Prosocial behaviours include sharing, waiting for a turn and showing sympathy and concern for others. Children are discovering schematic play, the repetitive actions allow children to construct meaning in what they are doing. Babies and young children learn best through opportunities to engage in active learning through hands on experiences. These opportunities allow babies and children to problem solve, question, predict, imagine, speculate and develop independent choices as they make decisions in an area they are familiar with.

At Seaford District Community Children’s Centre we have a strong focus on the development of relationships between children and educators. The strength of the relationship between your child and our educators underpins your child’s wellbeing in our centre and your child’s involvement in interactions with other children, activities and experiences whilst in our care.  Our flexible educational program supports your child’s development providing intimate times for discussion songs, books and games that will be stimulating and challenging. The program is planned with respect to children's developing competence by offering opportunities to make choices and take new challenges whilst they are in our care.  The program implements the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  Our program is underpinned by secure attachment theory, promoting social and emotional development and recognises that our primary care giving teams promote children to develop stable trusting relationships with their carers.  Through these relationships the program encourages and supports each child’s developing independence and self help skills, interactions, builds a sense of growing competence and self esteem and guides children’s interests and ideas.

Educators have non contact time for program planning, each team is well resourced they manage their own budget each term to purchase programming consumables, toys and equipment for the children and team. 

Each child has a developmental learning profile which includes their programmed observations, planned activities and assessment for learning. These profiles are designed to celebrate the child’s learning journey.


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