Enroling Parents

"The staff were all warm, friendly and welcoming.  It made us immediately feel comfortable in the Centre and we just knew it was the right place to enrol our son." - Kuula Parent

"Warmly welcomed, great first impressions, staff appear to enjoy their work and it shows with happy looking children!  I never felt 'rushed through' and was given opportunity to ask as many questions as needed and to see the rooms as much as I felt neccessary.  Thanks!" - Kuula Parent

"Well set out, inviting, lots of activities, nice garden and outdoor areas" - Pirlta Parent

"Warm, friendly staff and Centre has come highly recommended by friends.  I didn't consider going anywhere else.  I was happy to wait for the best." - OSHC Parent

"Absolutely beautiful centre! Everyone was so welcoming, warm and friendly and staff/directors interactions with the children were so genuine and caring" LDC Parent

Current Families

"We are very happy with our child's progress this year.  He has really developed his social skills as a direct result of the experience and curriculum provided in Pilta.  He is now far more willing to try new activities and it has been wonderful to watch his confidence grow.  Our child has loved attending Lego Club at the library, he often shares stories about what he has created and who he sat with, sometimes even trying to recreate what he had made at home." - Pirlta Parent

"Just wanted to say well done for bringing in some extra activities for the kids this term.  My two have really enjoyed seeing the farm animals and the African drummers!  I love that they are getting to experience different things while I am at work.  It really enriches their learning! Great job!" - Kardi Parent

"Very comforatble, relaxed and freindly environment" LDC Parent

"Very welcoming and friendly environment, all the children appeared happy and relaxed and I liked hearing that a lot of staff have been ther for a long time so there isn't a big staff turnover" Pirlta Parent

"Clean, friendly staff, well organised, great facilities and resources" LDC Parent

"We feel very comfortable to have all three of our sons in the care of Seaford District Community Children's Centre. Thankyou to the whole team for always accomodating to our families need. We are very grateful and appreciate the time" LDC Parent

"Just wanted to congratulate you and your wonderful staff on another great year. The Christmas party was amazing and really showed how community minded the Centre is. I particularly thought the indigenous element was fantastic and so important. I thought you greeting people at the door was very welcoming and the staff mingling was great. We had a lovely time.  The staff have all been exceptional this year and like a school you offer more than just a child care service. For this I am grateful for.  Mornings in the Kuula room are so routined over breakfast and my children appreciate that consistency when I drop them off early .... staff members fill me with confidence. They seem to know my child really well and I enjoy hearing stories if I am picking up. I have appreciated all advice on toilet training that I have been over the year.  All the staff have been very patient with my children being off/on/off gluten this year as we followed up with testing around this. It was lovely for the Team Leader to take the time to ask me about biscuits that are suitable for them so they don't miss out on things. My child in the Kuula room has thrived and I'm so thankful to all the staff that work with her. I know she has made connections with Educators in the mornings and settles quickly with them. I appreciate that, they are amazing with her. All of the staff are brilliant ... so we'll done to everyone!  I look forward to having a chat with staff about how the new transition process has played out and what you all decided to change." - Kuula/Kardi Parent


Past Families

"There are no words that can tell you how grateful we are with the way our daughter has been looked after by you all.  She wouldn't be that confident beautiful little person that she is today without you all.  Thank you so much!" - LDC Parent

"Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the wonderful staff at Seaford District Community Children's Centre.  You have all provided a loving, caring and safe environment for my child and greeted us with a smile, each and every week.  Our son has learnt so much in the last couple of years, grown in confidence and independence and is completely ready for Kindy.  So, thank you all for being a special part of our lives and helping our little boy learn and grow, we will miss you all." - LDC Parent

Past Staff and Students

"Thank you so much for having me for placement in the Tarnda Room.  This experience has been an incredible one for me and I learnt so much from the Educational Leader, educators and of course the beautiful children! Your Centre has such a warm and welcoming feeling that is evident from the minute you walk in the door.  I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me." - Student

"I started working at the Seaford District Children's Centre at sixteen and from the beginning you've all made me feel so welcomed and appreciated.  I will miss everything about working here - from getting 'told off' for not wearing my hat to learning I was a 'facilitator of play not an object of play' when I climbed those trees.  I have learnt things from each and everyone of you.  Not just about child care but life in general.  I will miss seeing you all as you've become another family to me.  Growing up all I ever heard was people complaining about work but work with you guys, and the job we do, makes me look forward to work." - LDC & OSHC/VAC Staff





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