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Who are The Seaford Community Children’s Centre Management Committee members

Executive Management Committee 2018/2019

Chairperson, Lucas Sutherland

Deputy Chairperson, Skye Forde

Treasurer, Bronwyn Howlett

I currently work for the SA Government in an auditing role. My daughter has been placed within the Seaford District Community Children's Centre service scope for approximately ten years and our family has utilised all the services offered - Baby, Toddler & Kindy room, attendance at the Seaford Rise Children's Centre (Preschool) and, now, OSHC. I became involved in the committee after being made aware of the opportunity by the SDCCC's Administration Management Team and also driven by my desire to contribute to the community in an effective way. I find the focus on the community requirements, and above all, the children's developmental needs, to be very refreshing coming from an accounting/auditing background.

Secretary, TBA

Director LDC, Jodie Berkinshaw

Jodie Berkinshaw began as Director of Seaford District Community Children’s Centre in 2003. In that time she has seen the service grow to capacity and lead the service successfully through four high quality Accreditation and continuous improvement cycles. Jodie is passionate about early childhood education and care and has worked in the industry for 29 years.

Director OSHC & VAC Care, Ali Clarke

Ali Clarke has worked within every aspect of the Out of School Hours Care service since its inception in 1996. Ali has been a co-contributor to the on going evolution of the Out of School Hours Care programs success within our community.

2018/2019 Management Committee Members

Lisa Brandt, Educational Leader & Early Childhood Teacher 

Kate Gould, Shared LDC Staff Representative

Maureen Collins,  Shared LDC Staff Representative

Maria Chandler, OSHC Staff Representative

Jacinda Tibbles, OH&S Representative

Kessie Poole

Meagan Robinson

Melissa Power 

Stav Zaitsev

Tarn Reed

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