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What is The Seaford District Community Children’s Centre Management Committee?


The Seaford District Community Children's Centre (SDCCC) is managed by a governing body referred to as the Management Committee.  The organisation works to one management structure and therefore one combined committee.  In this document this committee will be referred to as the Management Committee.

The Management Committee is responsible for the effective management of the organisation.  It has an abiding constitution that provides the Committee with direction; however the respective Directors manage the day-to-day functioning of the services.

Members of the Management Committee provide the (SDCCC) with a vast array of skills, knowledge, expertise and experiences, all in an honorary capacity.  It is with this array of attributes that the Centre is able to meet the evolving needs of external stakeholders, including families, and the Centre itself.

Members are elected to the Management Committee at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in March each year.  Shortly after this there is an induction to the Committee that outlines the roles and responsibilities of members.  It is at this training that members are made aware of their strategic, rather than day-to-day, role.

An induction manual is provided to each member.  The responsibility of the members is clearly defined and articulated.  Members are explained the reason for the Committee and their roles as such are

  • Decision making body
  • Operator of the service
  • Licensee
  • Employer
  • Policy maker
  • Property manager
  • Legal accountability

Each member is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement – the same one signed by employees, students and volunteers.  This is important in that information about individual children, families, staff and management are discussed and this information needs to be kept confidential.




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