Staff Ratios

  • 1 CSP to 15
  • 1 CSP + 1 CSA to 30
  • 2 CSP + 1 CSA to 31
  • 2 CSP + 2 CSA to 45

Vacation Care

Located at All Saints Catholic Primary School OSHC site.

Our exciting Vacation Care Program is available 2 weeks before the end of each Term.

Our Vacation Care Program is extremely popular and fills quickly. The Staff are excited to but together a program that we know your children will enjoy. A wide range of craft activities, games and sports will keep your child well entertained throughout their day.

During Vacation Care our excursions have included the Adelaide Zoo, Ice Skating, Dolphin cruises, Museums, Gymnastics and much more.

Vacation Care Staff Team

  • OSHC/VAC Director Ali Clarke
  • Children’s Services Professional AD 3.2 Maria Chandler
  • Children’s Services Assistant 2.3 Chris Hollis
  • Children’s Services Assistant 2.3 Kim Coppen
  • Children’s Services Assistant 2.3 Matt Roach
  • Children’s Services Assistant 2.3 Bronwyn Leighton
  • Children’s Services Professional Casual 1.2 Lisette Pettit
  • Children’s Services Professional Casual 1.1 Lisa Marshall
  • Children’s Services Assistant Casual 2.3 Shirley Liebelt




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